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Candidate Wizard. Recruitment disruptor that improve candidate attraction and acquisition while reducing recruitment spend by up to 84.7%. No Agency Fees. No Hassle.

No Recruitment Agency Fees, No Hassle, No Commitment.

Candidate Wizard’s candidate attraction and Acquisition methods increase brand awareness, quality and quantity of applications, while massively reducing time to hire and up to 84.7% of your recruitment spend. Contact us to find out more.

Candidate Wizard, a recruitment partner that build and delivers a bespoke recruitment process, that doesn’t charge you any placement fees. delivering your brand and opportunities to the jobseeker market. getting in front of over 34 million active and passive jobseekers.

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Over 65% of online application are lost when a candidate is introduce to an application form when they apply to a vacancy.

Candidate Wizard’s candidate attraction and acquisition process helps to provide jobseekers with a simple, one click apply process. This helps to deliver an increase in the quantity and quality of applications.

With over 75% of jobseekers now applying for roles from their mobile device. How mobile friendly is your application process?
Candidate Wizard helps to build a slick, streamlined candidate attraction & application process, increasing brand awareness along with quality of hire without charging placement fees. Contact us to find out more.

Candidate experience through your careers page. Is your application process stopping candidates from applying?

What make Candidate Wizard standout?

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